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about us achievement agreement business Business cards are a staple in any business' marketing materials. Even though they are small at 3.5" x 2" in size, they can still pack a punch. Their small size also is a big advantage since people don't have to think too much before putting them in their wallet or pocket. And above all, they're inexpensive and easy to create. The Neglected Back-side Designers put a lot of thought and innovation into designing the front side of the card but sometimes when we look at the back-side of the card, it seems like they have run out of ideas. But if you really want your business cards to be effective, then we recommend these five innovative ways. They will transform your business card into a marketing piece — all by effectively utilizing the back side of the business cards.

  • Elevator pitch. Include a well thought out summary of your company's offerings. People you meet will always be more interested to know more about your company and the ways in which you can help them. Here are some helpful links to craft single sentence elevator pitch for your business cards:-
  • Referrals & Recommendations. Turn your business card into a referral/coupon card. Provide space for your current customers to write their name and then request them to refer a friend by giving them the card. When the new customer comes to you with the card, you know whom to thank for the referral with a reward or special perk. You can also add a coupon or special promotion on the card as well, that serves as a motivation for your customers to hand them out as well.
  • Create a Survey. You can request customer feedback by creating a short survey form. You can add a few simple questions on the business card.
  • Suggestions & Recommendations: Flaunt your industry expertise by including suggestions and recommendations on the business card. If you're a massage therapist, offer breathing techniques for stress relief. Operate a dog training business? Give brief dog obedience advice. IT consultant? Advise clients on how to prevent or recover lost files.
  • Accomplishments: You can always flaunt your accomplishments with a list of recently finished projects. This space can also be used for customer compliments received through online websites like Yelp & Google reviews.

Besides these there are a few tried-and-tested ways to make your business card more effective:

  • Appointment Reminder
  • Frequent-visitor punch card.
  • Tip Chart
  • Special Offers and Coupons
  • More Business Information including hours of operation, website etc.
  • Customer Testimonials.

Design and Print Business Cards You can add business card design services from Out of the Box for $20. Simply go to the 'Out of the Box' and get started. You can also design your business cards online. You can choose from hundreds of design templates or customize your own with your logo or photos. If you would like to read about how to design business cards online, please click here. If you would like to read more about various paper stocks and finishing options available in Business cards, please click here. Thank you for reading.

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