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DIM Weight Calculations for UPS & FedEx 

Dimensional weight (or DIM weight) is the “weight” used to calculate the shipping cost of bulky, lightweight packages. Think about the available space in a truck or plane—if your package is taking up a bit more space than the weight the package captures in rates, you will pay for that space.

The DIM weight is calculated by determining the cubic size of a package, which can be found by multiplying its length x width x height. If the result is greater than 1728 cubic inches (1 cubic foot) divide by each carrier’s divisor shown below. Shippers will be charged the greater of the Dim weight or the actual scale weight.

UPS and Fed Ex divisor: 139
USPS divisor: 194 but only applies to shipments going to Zones 5-9


You have to Ship Package

  • Shipping method: Domestic Shipping
  • Actual Weight of Package: 8 pound
  • Length of package: 12 in
  • Height of package: 12 in
  • Width of package: 10 in
  • The dimensional weight = 12 * 12 * 10 / 139 = 10.36. “Which is greater than the actual weight hence you will be charged for 11 pound package for this particular Ground Shipping”


Well there are few things we can apply to Save on Money on Shipping.

  • Think about how you can reduce length or height or width of the package without compromising with safety. For example if you have package with weight = 7 pounds with width = 10 in , height = 10 in and length =10 in hence the dimensional weight will be (10*10*10)/139 = 8 lbs which is greater than the actual weight of package.
  • In this case if possible with little change in dimensions it will save you big money on shipping. For example lets make the package for same item weight 10 pounds and with width, height and length being 10 in, 10 in and 8in. then the dimensional weight will be (10*10*8)/139 = 6 lbs and you will be charged for the actual weight.
  • Just by putting the item in an optimum box size helps you reduce the cost.

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